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We are design! We are creativity! We are passion! We are Innovation!

 We are a skilled group of audio visual design and integration consultants with expertise rooted in strong design principles and innovative solutions.

Blending design, passion, creativity and innovation, AV Upgrades is a full-service audio visual consulting company serving a wide range of clients. Our approach is comprehensive and our services are customized through extensive consultations, we’ll work with you to bring your vision to life.

Our ability to tailor our services accordingly makes us an ideal partner to everyone from major corporations to churches and nonprofits. Here are some examples of how we can serve you.

Commercial Services

House of Worship


 Churches and other houses of worship require innovative audio visual systems to bring the message to their congregations. AV Upgrades consulting — including lighting, control, networking, stage and rigging design — has been a core focus of our business since day one. We will work with you to make the most of your budget, and design and install a comprehensive audio visual system in your facility. 

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True Building Automation


Business automation is the wave of the future, available today, and AV Upgrades is ready to take you there, state-of-the-art business automation packages put your business on the cutting edge of systems control. 

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Distributed Audio



Studies have shown that music can make us more productive and help to reduce stress. Music is also immensely effective for creating a desired atmosphere or ambiance. With these kinds of workplace benefits available at the touch of a button, why wouldn't you choose to integrate a distributed audio solution into your business environment?

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 In this day and age it’s important to stay connected. AV Upgrades has the expertise to install and configure various levels of networking, which is a perfect solution for your office. From basic peer-to-peer networks to server-based networks, proper planning and installation are key to a well-secured and efficiently-operating system. 

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 AV Upgrades is ready to help you enhance your business meetings with a state of the art conference room through audio, video, lighting, automation control and networking. We are able to seamlessly integrate the various systems of an automated conference room: Projectors, Lighting, Video & audio conferencing. 

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Corporate & Retail


 Corporate space design services can include everything from exterior lighting to retail audio - video to boardroom AV equipment. Our ability to provide customized system designs makes us an ideal partner to organizations with specific branding or technical requirements. We also serve as a single point of contact thorguohut the installation process to ensure your project gets completed on time and on budget. 

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Restaurants & Bars


 Any restaurateur or bar owner knows the value of a great audio and video system for keeping customers ordering food and drinks while being entertained at the same time. AV Upgrades can design and install affordable A/V systems that are easy to control, while still providing your customers access to their favorite sports teams on beautiful video displays. Exceptional, quality audio helps set the tone for your space and provides the ability to create different atmospheres at different times. You control the music and lights with a programmable background system for single or multiple networked locations. 

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Performance Venues


 In today’s multimedia venue, sound, video, lighting, control and rigging must all come together to support the creative work of innovative performers. AV Upgrades has designed AVL systems for theaters and other venues — through meaningful collaborations with engineers and architects, we deliver complete solutions that meet your needs and your budget. Whether it’s upgrading the sound system in an older facility or incorporating cutting edge equipment into a new performance venue, we are proud to be an innovator in theater space design. 

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Education: K12 & Universities


 AV Upgrades can provide classroom AV and theater stage design services for facilities ranging from K-12 schools to higher education campus. We understand that budget-conscious organizations require value packed solutions that are easy for staff and students to use. At the same time, an investment in new technology must be forward thinking, giving educators tools to incorporate multimedia teaching materials and impressive learning experience. 

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Based in Winston Salem NC, AV Upgrades can provide audio visual, lighting, automation control, networking, rigging and other space design services for clients throughout  the East Coast. Ready to take the next step? Talk to us today. 

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