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AV Upgrades is unique among audio, visual, lighting automation control and networking consultants in that we provide our clients with complete turnkey solutions. In everything we do, a commitment to strong design principles drives us to create systems that exceed expectations. 

Audio, visual, automation control and network design for churches and other houses of worship is one of the core markets served by AV Upgrades. We have extensive experience in this field and dedicated team members who are well versed in the nuances that help create an inviting atmosphere for worship. Through innovative design and experience, we help worship leaders and pastors effectively communicate their message. Whatever your goal, we want to help you reach it. No project is to big or small for AV Upgrades, we can handle any size project!

Who We Serve

AV Upgrades designs unique projects that are centered on our clients’ mission and style. Based in Winston-Salem, NC, we provide church AVL design services to the triad area and beyond. 

The process always begins with an in-depth consultation. Each project is engineered from the ground up, based on an extensive conversation about your vision as well as your practical requirements. In doing so, our aim is to find a balance between the two, with a system that fulfills all your needs while remaining realistic from a technological and financial standpoint.

Howe We Design

AV Upgrades designs in a team oriented manner allowing multiple design opinions and perspectives to be introduced from the beginning of the process. No project is a one size fits all design.  We have found that this approach works well for projects with many decisions that need to be made and many sub-budgets.  We refer to this as our designs/spec/build approach.  This approach involves two contracts.  One contract to design, and one contract for installation services.

Our design process starts with a thorough investigation of current constraints.  This allows us to expose the current guidelines for the design.  The project is then driven by what is appropriate for the needs of the space and the client.  AV Upgrades provides each House of Worship client with a list of questions which help guide the intent and purpose of the design.  From there, a visit of the space is conducted and measurements are gathered to allow our designers to get accurate design/build budget numbers and to start the conceptual design phase.  Our conceptual design phase is through to allow for Church leaders to make decisions choices before moving forward with any design documentation.  Once a concept is determined, a the Design Documentation phase can begin.

AV Upgrades delivers high quality design documentary which typically includes the following:

  • Audio layout
  • Audio line drawing
  • Direct audio coverage heat map
  • Acoustical Rendering
  • Lighting layout – house lighting & platform lighting
  • Rigging layout
  • Networking Layout for Campus-wide Wifi and connectivity
  • Curtains elevation and plan view
  • Control intent and layout
  • Budgeting & feasibility
  • Product specifications
  • Acoustical treatment layout
  • Electrical riser for all systems
  • Rack plate drawings
  • Control system line drawings
  • Equipment rack drawings
  • EC scope required & locations of needs
  • Conduit schedule
  • Wire pull schedule
  • Phase loading of A/V/L equipment
  • 3D Rendering(s) and/or Rendering Waklhtorguh Videos 
  • Stage Layout and Design
  • Campus-wide AVL Layout and Riser

Design / Build

We provide design/build solutions for all sizes of projects.  These projects are designed under a unified contract which includes a design package prior to the installation of the systems.  Our design/build process allows the client to be very involved in design decisions and allows the creation of a completed proposal and budget earlier in the design process.

Multimedia Solutions for Today's Houses of Worship

Church AVL design is a growing field that addresses the need for more immersive worship experiences. AV Upgrades can put together a package of equipment and solutions that includes:

  • PA systems, audio distribution systems and recording equipment
  • Video projection and camera systems, video walls, distribution and switching equipment
  • Theoretical, in-house and exterior lighting
  • Stage rigging and curtains, automatic windows shades, and more
  • Integrated control systems that put seamless operation at your fingertips


To accelerate your team’s mastery of their new AV system, we are big believers in thorough training. The industry standard of giving a tutorial lecture simply just isn’t enough. We will work with your team through hands-on training, so that we’re there when those unexpected questions come up, we are there with an answer.

We Are Innovation

AV Upgrades utilizes a unified design team approach to ensure all elements of our systems are coordinated. This means that, unlike other church AVL design companies, we provide complete turnkey service. Instead of focusing on sales or installation, we do it all, from identifying your needs, to purchasing the equipment, to overseeing its installation. 

Once the job is done, we’ll be there to provide long-term support and training as necessary.

Throughout the process, you’ll work with a team of highly skilled technical and visual designers who have the experience, training and industry certifications necessary to bring your vision to life. Our team understands that the purpose of the technology we employ is to foster communication — as a result, it should be easy-to-use and work together in a seamless fashion.

Ultimately, what sets us apart is that our technical experts approach church AVL design from a big-picture perspective. In everything we do, our goal is to connect clients with products and solutions that enhance their messaging and deliver value for their congregations.

Get Started

The first step in any church AVL design project is to schedule a consultation with one of our experts. We’ll connect you to a team member who has specific expertise in church AVL design and will be your point of contact thorguohut the process. 

 Call Josh Bright @ 336-893-9532 or email him at 

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