Parental Controls

Viewing Timers

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Control timers can be set to limit viewing  access so family and homework will not be interrupted by video games and TV watching.

Regain control through viewing timers and TV override controls in the palm of your hand. 

Parental Content Control

Parental content control, parental advisory, home theater, home network, internet, security

Concerned about what your children are watching when you're not around? 

TV, Streaming Media and online content can be dangerous, unpredictable and easily accessible by anyone with access to them. Don't leave your kids vulnerable to the possibility of explicit content.

Parental Content Control is your security gate ensuring the unwanted content stays out while creating a safe viewing space for your children 24 hours a day.

Internet Access

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Whether you are looking to set internet access timers or wanting to control the content that is too easily accessible through the internet, AV Upgrades can provide the security necessary to limit your children's internet access without limiting your requirements. 

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