Any restaurateur or bar owner knows the value of a great audio and video system for keeping customers ordering food and drinks while being entertained at the same time. AV Upgrades can design and install affordable A/V systems that are easy to control, while still providing your customers access to their favorite sports teams on beautiful video displays. Exceptional, quality audio helps set the tone for your space and provides the ability to create different atmospheres at different times. You control the music and lights with a programmable background system for single or multiple networked locations.

At AV Upgrades, we sell our solutions based on the value derived by using top technologies implemented by a highly competent team. We believe that user experience is the main focus, in addition to a devotion to simplicity. 

An audio/visual system is supposed to simplify your business, not make it more complicated. You want technology to blend naturally into your organization and function properly. Really, you just want everything to work, and work reliably, so you don't have to think about it. That's what you get with AV Upgrades audio and video system solutions.

AV Upgrades doesn't just add technology to your organization; we simplify all the technology that's already there. We don't add layers of complexity; we remove them.

Your organization, department, and office are unique. Unlike "one size fits all" solutions, a AV Upgrades business solution is infinitely customizable to blend seamlessly with your organization's needs.

We also offer preventative maintenance programs for systems like this.  It helps you save money in the long run by letting us maintain the equipment throughout the year and keep a close I on the condition of the system.

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