AV Upgrades Service Program with 4Sight


Why Servicing is Needed

Like your vehicle's maintenance requirements, your home's audio, video and automation system must be maintained in order to ensure the overall good health of your system. Ignoring these system updates may result in expensive repair costs that could have been prevented or covered under the manufacture's warranty. 

Know the signs...

  •  Are you having to use more than 1 remote control to operate your audio/video system? 
  • Is your control system remote slow or delayed in responding to button press commands? 
  • Does your TV and other sources (Bluray player, Media Streaming Device, AV Receiver, etc...) prompt you to update it's software? 
  • Does your TV turn back on after turning the system off? *Is the network slow to connect and are you occasionally experiencing buffering while streaming audio or video? 
  • Have your notifications stopped showing up on your mobile device?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions above, your system is need of service. 

What's Included...

In order to ensure that your audio, video and automation system is seamlessly working together, regular system updates are required to maintain the health of your system. Some system issues may fall under the manufacture's warranty period and will be handled according to the manufacture's provided warranty at no additional cost to the customer.  

  • Network System Updates 
  • Control System and Third Party Driver Updates 
  • Audio/Video Source (TV, Bluray, Media Streaming Device, Receiver, etc...) 
  • 4Sight Subscription, Yearly with Event Notifications


Select Service Assistance, We Are Here to Help:

  • We have a dedicated email address just for you. Service@avupgrades.com is here for your needs and is responded to within one business day.
  • On your Control4 remote, your custom help button can be identified with three dots. Pressing that button will trigger a service request email that will prompt our service team to get in touch with you to address the issue that you are currently experiencing.
  • A dedicated service number is available if you would prefer to speak with someone over the phone or via text message.
  • First year’s service visits are at no charge to you. 
  • Six month maintenance service includes firmware updates and equipment cleaning.


1 Year 4Sight Subscription:

  • Anywhere Access (Mobile): With the Control4 app and a 4Sight subscription, customers can have Anywhere Access to their Control4 system from a smartphone or tablet - without the complexity of VPN servers or custom network settings.
  • Anywhere Access (Web): Customers get access to their Control4 system from a web browser on a PC or Mac. They can easily access, monitor and control their home or business from anywhere they have an Internet connection.
  • Alerts On The Go: Customer’s Control4 system can send messages to their smartphone or tablet about the status of their system, so they’re always in the know. Custom alerts such as “Garage door left open” or “Water leak detected in the basement” can be sent to inform them of important events as soon as they happen, allowing them to respond quickly.
  • End-to-End Security: 4Sight uses the same secure communication protocols and hack-proof encryption used by financial institutions, ensuring they get safe, on-demand access to their smart home. And there’s no need to worry about gaps in customer’s network security due to VPN and firewall settings.

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Please feel free to contact us with specific questions or concerns. *AV Upgrades' schedule is tentative. Appointments must be confirmed through a response from an AV Upgrades staff member by phone or email for booking to be completed.*    

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