Intuitive control for seniors

The Remote

Due to the rapid growth in home technology the frustrations with learning and operating your home's entertainment system will continue to grow.

TV manufactures are not in the remote control business therefore adding more buttons with less instructions seems to be the growing trend. With AV Upgrades' Intuitive Control for Seniors we can help make your home entertainment experience more enjoyable.

Control Options

  • Voice Control - Voice Control is becoming the standard in consumer electronics from phones to personal assistant devices. AV Upgrades has developed the necessary standards to implement voice control from intercom, home theater to personal assistance. 
  • Handheld  Control -  Keeping things familiar, AV Upgrades can provide a remote system that be as easy as selecting the source you would to watch while the remote does the rest.
  • Touchscreen Contol -  For some the standard handheld approach to remote controlling your system may not be an option. Touchscreen remote control options can provide large buttons and screens with audible feedback to help simplify the control of your home's entertainment system.
  • Timers - Having an intuitive control system with set timers will create and environment to where your home entertainment system can automatically turn on and off based on your personal requirements.

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